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Going through the CST process twice now, the experience has been so much better with Dana as our advocate and guide. I was able to focus on being a parent and supporter rather than wearing so many hats that had me feeling ill-equipped and overwhelmed the first time through. This time, we also avoided lawyers, battles, and a lot of frustration. You know Dana is great when the school personnel involved comment on how much they are looking forward to us all working together! Now we also have Christine on our team to help bolster what our daughter is getting at school. Both are knowledgeable, compassionate, and will easily earn your trust.

Chris L

Dana from Educationally yours was fantastic to work with. Not only did she accommodate my schedule but was able to find a convenient location to do the testing.

This testing allowed my husband and I to bring important data to our daughter's IR&S meeting that allowed our concerns to be validated. Her report was thorough with data as well as recommendations for interventions and services our child needs.

When the report was ready Dana called us and went through it page by page making sure we understood all components and where our daughter's strengths and weaknesses are.

If you have questions or concerns about your child's education I highly recommend

Educationally yours to guide you.

Melissa C

There is no greater stress than seeing your child struggle in school. This is an isolating feeling for parents and there is no guidebook for how to navigate what can be a politically fused experience to find the right help for your child. Dana has been such a strong advocate, wealth of knowledge and a shoulder to cry on throughout the years. This is not something that parents should face alone, you need experts who understand services and options available and how to work with schools to ensure the BEST support is offered to your children. I cannot stress enough how critical Dana has been in this journey. Do not hesitate if you are feeling helpless, this is an expert with a wealth of experience and a huge heart.

Lindsay S

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